Advanced Tactics

Advanced Tactics

Destroy your opponents with mind-blowing sacrifices!

Have you ever watched a Mikhail Tal or Paul Morphy game in complete awe of their attacking abilities? Have you ever analyzed one of your games only to find out that you missed an insane tactic? Then this course is for you! By learning these advanced tactical ideas you will increase your ability to blow your opponent off of the board with incredible combinations!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Exchange sacrifices to bring your opponent to their knees
  • How to take advantage of an overloaded defender
  • Clearance sacrifices to set up the final winning stroke
  • How to disrupt your opponent's pieces with interference
  • Underpromotion for checkmate

Exchange Sacrifices

One of the most common good sacrifices is the exchange sacrifice Two pawns or a positional advantage is often sufficient compensation for the exchange.
7 min
5 Challenges

Clearance Sacrifices

A clearance sacrifice is when you sacrifice a piece simply to get it out of the way of your other pieces. Often these sacrifices will gain time and give you an irresistible attack.
3 min
5 Challenges


Pieces are not good at defending more than one thing at a time. If a piece is defending too many things it is overloaded and the opponent can often distract the defender and win material.
4 min
5 Challenges


Disrupt your opponent's coordinated pieces by sacrificing one of your own. Interference sacrifices occur when you sacrifice a piece to block a defender from guarding a key point.
4 min
5 Challenges


Before you hurry and promote to a queen, check if there isn't a better piece to be had. Occasionally another piece will help to create a fork or avoid stalemate.
5 min
5 Challenges

Advanced Tactics

Taking Control
5 Lessons
23 Minutes
25 Challenges
Released June 1, 2011