c3 Sicil For The Kill

c3 Sicil For The Kill

How can you shock the Sicilian and fight for the initiative from move two?

FM James Canty demonstrates his favorite attacking opening, the c3 Sicilian and shows how you can fight for the win in every variation.

  • Take the center against 2...Nf6.
  • Attack Black's exposed queen after 2...d5.
  • Take the initiative against any sideline Black can try.

Why 2.c3: c3 Sicil For The Kill

FM James Canty introduces you to his favorite opening, the c3 Sicilian.
9 min
5 Challenges

Crushing The Sidelines: 2.c3 Sicil For The Kill

Black has a lot of options against the 2.c3 Sicilian, but most of them allow you to start a dangerous attack. FM James Canty brings you the details.
16 min
5 Challenges

The Main Line: c3 Sicil For The Kill

How can White fight for the initiative against Black's most common 2nd move, 2...Nf6? FM James Canty shows you how to take the center and start a dangerous attack.
10 min
5 Challenges

Drawing Out The Queen: c3 Sicil For The Kill

The old main line of the c3 Sicilian is 2...d5. FM James Canty demonstrates how to lure the black queen into danger and start a strong attack.
15 min
5 Challenges

A Great Attack: c3 Sicil For The Kill

FM James Canty demonstrates one of his best games in the c3 Sicilian.
10 min
5 Challenges

c3 Sicil For The Kill

5 Lessons
60 Minutes
25 Challenges
Released September 5, 2023