Choosing the Best Move

Choosing the Best Move

Learn how to make a plan in any position!

Have you ever been in a position where you couldn't find the right move or the right plan? Have you ever had a winning position but couldn't finish off your opponent? Then this is the course for you! Learning how to win the "won" game and learning how to formulate a plan are the cornerstones of becoming a strong player. By learning these integral ideas, your chess understanding will grow exponentially while you watch your rating climb higher and higher!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to pick the right move in difficult positions
  • Positional ideas that grow your understanding of the game
  • The difference between good and bad pieces
  • Winning the won game
  • How to focus on what matters in order to win!

How to Choose a Move

It's helpful to look at forcing options for both sides when you decide on a move. That way you'll usually be able to spot important attacking ideas for yourself and your opponent.
6 min
5 Challenges

Making a Plan

When you don't know what to do, one good idea is to find your worst placed piece and improve it. Once all of your pieces are on good squares, there's more likely to be a tactical way to win material.
10 min
5 Challenges

Positional Play

Tactics are important, but they're usually available to the person who has the best position. Focus on activating all of your pieces, controlling the center, and safeguarding your king.
7 min
5 Challenges

Good & Bad Pieces

Good pieces are active and have a purpose. A bad piece has limited mobility and doesn't attack anything. You want to make your pieces active, and trade off pieces that you can't make good.
6 min
5 Challenges

Playing a Bad Position

Bad positions don't have to be losing positions - be tenacious and avoid creating additional weaknesses. Also, try to find active counterplay.
8 min
5 Challenges

When You're Losing

A losing position isn't always lost - keep a positive attitude and look for your chances. Try to make the position complicated and avoid even trades.
8 min
4 Challenges

Winning the Won Game

When you are in a winning position, it's important to keep in mind what your opponent can do to cause trouble. Watch for counterplay and look for chances to simplify the position.
9 min
6 Challenges

Overcoming Your Emotions

It's important to stay focused on the chess factors in the position and not get distracted by other thoughts like your tournament standing, or the opponent's rating.
11 min
6 Challenges

Choosing the Best Move

Taking Control
8 Lessons
65 Minutes
41 Challenges
Released December 24, 2018