Forcing Moves

Forcing Moves

Learn how to calculate in chess by using forcing moves!

Have you ever had a messy position in front of you, but you couldn't find the right move or idea? Do you sometimes play a safe move instead of calculating? Then this course is for you! By learning about forcing moves you can improve your calculation abilities and start winning with powerful moves!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Checkmate in three positions
  • How to use powerful and forcing moves
  • Combinations and saving draws
  • Queen sacrifices for the win!

Powerful Moves

Forcing moves are checks, threats, and captures. Those are moves that the opponent must respond to immediately in order to avoid losing material or the game.
3 min
5 Challenges


You've learned a lot of tactics - now put them together in powerful combinations. Combinations are a series of forcing moves, often involving sacrifices, that can help to win the game.
2 min
5 Challenges

Checkmate in 3 Moves

Look deeper into the position and find forced checkmate in 3 moves. This means three of your moves and two of your opponent's moves.
4 min
5 Challenges

Queen Sacrifices

A queen sacrifice is always worth it if you can force checkmate. Sometimes it's also worthwhile if you have good compensation in the form of other well-coordinated pieces.
6 min
5 Challenges

Saving Draws

If you are losing, look for ways that you can give up material to force a draw. Try looking for ways to create stalemate, perpetual check or insufficient mating material.
3 min
5 Challenges

Forcing Moves

Key Concepts
5 Lessons
18 Minutes
25 Challenges
Released December 28, 2018