My Best Loss

My Best Loss

How can you learn from your defeats and reach the next level?

Four Masters and Grandmasters demonstrate some of their toughest losses and what they learned they learned from their defeats.

  • What did a veteran opponent teach GM Ben Finegold about patience in the endgame?
  • How did GM Judit Polgar teach GM Surya Ganguly about applying pressure in equal positions?
  • What did FM James Canty learn about resilience from GM Mikail Antipov?
  • How did GM Jesse Kraai shock NM Jeremy Kane with an amazing sacrifice?

My Best Loss: GM Ben Finegold

How did GM Ben Finegold learn how to turn small advantages into wins? He picked up some tricks from veteran opponents like IM John Donaldson.
17 min
5 Challenges

My Best Loss: FM James Canty

FM James Canty knows how to attack, but he learned a key lesson in resistance when GM Mikhail Antipov simply refused to be taken down.
17 min
5 Challenges

My Best Loss: GM Surya Ganguly

GM Judit Polgar has taught lessons over the board to just about all of the top players in the world. Find out what GM Surya Ganguly learned from his encounter with the strongest woman to ever play the game.
16 min
5 Challenges

My Best Loss: NM Jeremy Kane

GM Jesse Kraai teaches many lessons streaming for Chess Dojo. NM Jeremy Kane describes how Jesse taught him a lesson over the board.
11 min
5 Challenges

My Best Loss

Master Games
4 Lessons
61 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released February 9, 2023