Artur Yusupov: On Magnus Carlsen

Artur Yusupov: On Magnus Carlsen

What makes Magnus Carlsen unique?

Two top grandmasters, Artur Yusupow and Jan Gustafsson 
look at the reasons behind Magnus Carlsen's remarkable success.

  • Improve your chess understanding by looking at games from one of the greatest players of all time!
  • Learn how Carlsen improves his position with surprising retreating moves, sudden attacks, and amazing piece coordination.

Moving Toward The King: On Magnus

GM Artur Yusupov explains how Magnus Carlsen slowly builds up an attack against the enemy king.
41 min
5 Challenges

Coordination Of The Pieces: On Magnus

GM Yusupov demonstrates Carlsen's great feel for coordination.
43 min
5 Challenges

Moving Backward: On Magnus

Sometimes you have to make a couple of moves backward to coordinate and then regroup. Magnus Carlsen can do it like no other!
46 min
5 Challenges

Pendulum: On Magnus

This video is dedicated to the art of maneuvering. GM Yusupov explains how Magnus often beats his opponents by seemingly simple means.
40 min
5 Challenges

Improving The Position: On Magnus

Chess often comes down to finding the best spots for your pieces. GM Yusupov demonstrates Magnus's mastery of subtle improving moves.
47 min
5 Challenges

Artur Yusupov: On Magnus Carlsen

Master Games
5 Lessons
217 Minutes
25 Challenges
Released October 16, 2023