Perfect Chess Games

Perfect Chess Games

Have you ever played a perfect chess game? See if you can find the moves from amazing games that earned 100% Game Review scores.

  • Find the moves in one of Tarrasch's classic combinations.
  • Can you keep up with Nakamura's Sicilian crush?
  • How did Alekhine play a perfect King's Gambit?
  • Find Horowitz's beautiful mating combination.
  • Refute the Latvian Gambit with FM Niranjan Navulgud.

What's the best game you've ever played? Post in the comments!

Hikaru's Perfect Game

Hikaru Nakamura has played many great games, but this one was perfect, a 100% game score in a beautiful miniature against GM Loek Van Wely.
1 Challenge

A Classic Perfect Game

Siegbert Tarrasch was one of the best players in the world over 100 years ago. Here's a brilliant gem of his from 1892.
1 Challenge

A Perfect King's Gambit

King's Gambit games tend to be wild and messy, but a young Alexander Alekhine played one to perfection in 1911.
1 Challenge

Perfection In Titled Tuesday

It's not often that you get a perfect game in blitz, but FM Niranjan Navalgud pulled off a perfect game in a Titled Tuesday.
1 Challenge

Perfection In A Simul

IM Al Horowitz was a strong American player, who gave many simultaneous exhibitions throughout the country. This game was a beautiful example.
1 Challenge

Perfect Chess Games

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Released February 17, 2023