Strategies For Rapid Chess

Strategies For Rapid Chess

GM Liem Le offers his insights for successful play at faster time controls, based on his personal experience and practice.

  • How does rapid chess differ from classical and blitz?
  • Learn about the importance of opening surprises in rapid chess.
  • How can you unbalance the game to find winning chances?
  • How should you fight for the initiative in short time controls?

Opening Surprises For Rapid Chess

Liem examines the importance of opening novelties, using a game of his against Jan-Krzysztof Duda as an example.
21 min
5 Challenges

Unbalanced Positions In Rapid Chess: Against Navara

The creation and proper handling of unbalanced positions is a key skill in rapid chess, as seen in Liem's game against David Navara.
14 min
5 Challenges

Unbalanced Positions In Rapid Chess: Against Aronian

This game against Levon Aronian continues the theme of unbalanced positions and their secrets.
12 min
5 Challenges

The Flow Of The Attack In Rapid Chess

Maintaining the flow of the attack is another crucial theme in rapid chess; this game against Vidit Gujrathi shows why.
17 min
5 Challenges

Strategies For Rapid Chess

4 Lessons
64 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released November 7, 2023