Magnus Carlsen's Stonewall

Magnus Carlsen's Stonewall

How can you play the Stonewall Defense like a world champion?

Magnus Carlsen teaches you how to play the Stonewall, an opening based on putting your pawns on f5, e6, and d5 with Black.

Using his own games, Carlsen shows us the ideas that he pioneered or applied to beat the likes of Vishy Anand and Fabiano Caruana with the black pieces.

Why The Stonewall

Why should you play the Stonewall and what's the best way to get it?
4 min
2 Challenges

Anand-Carlsen: My First Stonewall

How do you debut an opening like the Stonewall against former world champion, Vishy Anand? Magnus Carlsen shows how he did it!
24 min
5 Challenges

Caruana-Carlsen: A Strong And Creative Idea For White

How did Magnus Carlsen grind out a victory with black against GM Fabiano Caruana? Check out another brilliant game in the Stonewall.
14 min
5 Challenges

Wojtaszek-Carlsen: White Plays Nh3

When GM Wojtaszek found a precise move order, he kept Carlsen under pressure, but Black always has counterplay in the Stonewall.
22 min
5 Challenges

Giri-Carlsen: Is The Stonewall Playable Without The Dark-Squared Bishop?

White typically wants to trade dark-squared bishops in the Stonewall. Magnus Carlsen shows how to get counterplay even after this exchange.
11 min
5 Challenges

Magnus Carlsen's Stonewall

5 Lessons
75 Minutes
22 Challenges
Released April 17, 2023