The Ultimate Blunder

The Ultimate Blunder

What is the biggest mistake you can make in a chess game?

Tim Krabbe once called resigning in a winning position "the Ulitmate Blunder." GM Ben Finegold demonstrates some educational examples of strong players resigning in saveable positions.

  • When did Garry Kasparov resign unnecessarily?
  • What type of tactical tricks can turn around hopeless-looking positions?
  • Learn what to look for to trick opponents in your own games!

What Is The Ultimate Blunder?

What is the ultimate blunder? GM Ben Finegold demonstrates several examples of players resigning in good positions!
9 min
5 Challenges

Shocking Tactics: The Ultimate Blunder

How can even a world champion resign in a drawn position? GM Ben Finegold is back with even more shocking resignations when there are resources to save the game.
10 min
5 Challenges

Fortresses: The Ultimate Blunder

How can you find a fortress to escape a bad position? GM Ben Finegold shows you how even the best players in the world don't always figure it out.
7 min
5 Challenges

Surprising Sacrifices: The Ultimate Blunder

GM Ben Finegold wraps up his course on premature resignations by showing some amazing tactics that could have saved the day in terrible-looking positions.
9 min
5 Challenges

The Ultimate Blunder

Master Games
4 Lessons
35 Minutes
20 Challenges
Released July 12, 2023